For Physicians. By Physicians.

Physician education and engagement are the some of the biggest challenges facing hospitals in the coming months as facilities transition to the ICD-10 coding classification system. Enjoin, well known for physician education programs since 1988, is offering an up close and personal educational teaching solution for your medical staff.  We employ a multi-specialty group of

physicians with stellar clinical careers and who have been trained in ICD-10 to work with your medical staff by specialty. Physicians working with physicians, on a peer to peer basis, and identifying your hospital’s specific documentation issues by specialty, are our unique approaches that no other company can reproduce.

Our ICD-10 Physician Education Team share many of the same attributes. These include:

  • Extensive clinical careers
  • Trained and/or practiced with prestigious clinics, hospitals, and academic institutions
  • Board certified in their specialty
  • Most are recognized as fellows in their respective specialty colleges
  • Involved with graduate medical education
  • Served in positions of leadership at their facilities or with their respective specialty colleges nationally
  • Have multiple publications in medical literature
  • All have been trained in ICD-10CM/PCS with several being AHIMA approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainers
  • Many have coding credentials such as CCS, CCDS, and CDIP



Our goal is to provide your medical staff education that is specialty and provider specific.  Through our years of experience in educating physicians, we have seen that the greatest level of engagement by the medical staff is achieved when you can provide peer to peer presentations and include information specific to them. Therefore, all physician education is provided by physicians and includes an analysis of data to identify specific documentation issues.

A detailed analysis  and chart reviews will be performed for documentation issues as it relates to ICD-10-CM/PCS.  Following the chart review a detailed report will be provided identifying the specific documentation issues by line of service and by individual physician as it relates to ICD-10-CM/PCS and DRG management.

One to two hour (onsite and webinar) presentations by our physician staff will be arranged with the facility’s medical staff by line of service. During these meetings the following topics will be addressed:

  • How physicians are affected by coding and documentation
  • How can physicians best assure clinically accurate data is being generated from their facility
  • A review of their specific documentation issues with examples