DRG Review, Inc. has assisted hospitals in achieving their goals of accurate coding and appropriate reimbursement under the Prospective Payment System for more than twenty years. Because we recognize each facility is unique, we tailor our program to meet the specific needs of your facility.  DRG Review, Inc. is directed by a team of physicians who can communicate effectively with both your CDI team and your physician staff. When you contract with DRG Review, Inc. you are not merely buying a service, you are forming a relationship with a group of expert consultants who will stylize an educational program to meet your hospital’s specific needs.



trucode-300x104TruCode provides an easy-to-use encoding solution that is designed to improve coding accuracy and coder productivity. The TruCode Team provides and supports an Encoding solution that helps coding professionals navigate through a constantly-shifting maze of national coding regulations as well as internal coding policies. Their solution enables them to assign the most accurate codes to a patient’s medical record, based on the documentation.

TruCode’s capabilities include sophisticated ICD-9-CM, CPT and HCPCS search engines, DRG and APC grouping, code editing, and integrated clinical references- all of which help healthcare organizations achieve optimal levels of coding accuracy and coder productivity.