Dr. Huff is the President and Founder of Enjoin (previously Huff DRG Review).  He is board certified in Internal Medicine and maintained a private practice for over 25 years in Memphis, TN.  As a founding partner in the first completely physician-owned and operated DRG management firm formed in 1988, Dr. Huff is now a nationally recognized expert in documentation improvement and coding.  Clinical insight, thought leadership, and practice innovation have defined Dr. Garry L. Huff’s passion for coding and documentation for more than 30 years.  In order to unite care delivery with coding, Dr. Huff’s approach fosters mutual education and collaboration of physicians, CDS, and coding professionals.

He has served as the physician liaison for the American College of Physicians on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Coding Clinic® for ICD-9-CM and was a member of the AHA’s Expert Advisory Panel.  Dr. Huff has not only assisted coders in understanding clinical documentation through national AHIMA presentations, webinars, and journal authorship, he became one of the first physician advisors to The Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM), and the CCS exam – all of which has helped to create the inroads for advanced clinical application.

He has been a featured speaker for AHIMA, ACDIS, and HCPro and a frequent presenter for national teleconferences.  In addition, Dr. Huff has authored articles for AHIMA, AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-9-CM, and served as a Special Consultant to the Department of Justice regarding validation of DRG assignments.  He has conducted numerous educational presentations regarding ICD-9-CM coding, DRG Management, and coding compliance with emphasis on physician involvement.  Many of the DRG management services being used today, such as CDI specialist training and DRG physician advisor training, were pioneered by Dr. Huff.  Providing extensive clinical coding reviews, monitoring, and education, he has consulted with several hundred hospitals and with many of the largest, academic healthcare systems in the country.

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