Through our extensive experience and expertise and involvement of board certified physicians with certified coding credentials, advanced clinical coding analysts, and seasoned CDI experts, we are uniquely qualified to assist organizations in developing effective long-term solutions related to coding, documentation, and payment and profiling issues associated with those activities.  We have worked in the areas of coding and documentation for over 25 years and are recognized as documentation and coding best practice leaders.   Some of the benefits our clients experience include:

  • Improvement of the overall integrity of clinical documentation
  • Increased revenues while gaining valuable education for the coding and clinical documentation specialists
  • Extensive MS-DRG performance tracking and trending
  • Identification and education of coding compliance issues
  • High quality, reliable healthcare data
  • Improved coder education and physician communication through improved queries
  • Increased physician engagement
  • Comprehensive monitoring and education to enhance facility transition to ICD-10
  • Average rate of return over 700% for our clients
  • Implementation of a customized, effective, and sustainable CDI program
  • Assistance with building a team of excellence by educating members and facilitating synergy among all parties involved in the documentation and coding of the medical record