“We have been extremely pleased with Enjoin.  The peer-to-peer physician education is invaluable and our physicians have responded very positively with superior ratings for the Physician Advisor and Hospitalist Seminar education sessions presented by Dr. Huff.  The pre-bill review process plays an integral part in the education of our coders and CDS and has enhanced physician communication through improved queries.  We have no doubt that you have helped us achieve a higher level of quality documentation within our medical records; and this in turn has proved to have a positive impact on our CMI, Severity of Illness Index, and Risk of Mortality.”
Director of Coding and Documentation, Texas

“To kick start the program we started with their 5-day CDS workshop. This training was comprehensive and provided “buried treasure” enabling our team to apply the knowledge immediately into our daily CDI process. Over the course of a year, we have seen significant improvements in many areas including our physician query response rate increasing from 89% to 97%. The positive financial impact has resulted in an actual ROI of over 629% based on CDI concurrent monitoring and pre-bill reviews. Our quality metrics have also shown a positive trend.  Ultimately, we are gaining the tools and knowledge necessary to become self-sustaining and Enjoin has been and will continue to be a vital part of achieving this goal. Their strong physician support has been instrumental in the overwhelming success of our program. Their staff are very knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.”
Director HIM, Mississippi

“Our facility partnered with Enjoin for pre-bill record reviews and we have been very pleased with the entire process. Enjoin offers a very unique educational opportunity for all HIM staff; coders, CDI, as well as physicians. By reviewing the clinical documentation at our facility, they were able to tailor education to address the documentation issues we see in our organization.   The peer to peer physician education has had a significant positive impact on the hospitalist understanding of the query process and the increased need for specificity.  Dr. Fee is a remarkable presenter!  He was able to speak to the physicians as a peer explaining the “why” behind the importance of documentation. I would recommend Enjoin to any facility looking to improve documentation and coding accuracy.”
CDI Manager, Missouri

“We have been working with Dr. Garry Huff of Enjoin Services for over 10 years and have been extremely pleased with the results.  Their approach to MS-DRG Assurance has been invaluable and has enhanced not only our coders’ skills but also our clinical documentation improvement process.  Although another vendor set up our CDI program, Dr. Huff and his exceptional staff have taken our program to a higher level and they are now our one source for education for our coders and CDS.   The Physician Advisor training provided by Dr. Huff has been extremely helpful in dealing with medical staff documentation issues and Dr. Huff and team have been a valuable resource to our physicians.  We have been able to maintain a high level of return each year averaging over 600%.”
Director of Medical Records, Alabama

“We have been partnering with Enjoin for more than a year and are extremely satisfied with our outcomes.  Being an academic medical center, we recognize the need to have highly skilled coders every step of the way.  Working with Enjoin has elevated all of our staff to a new level.  We have seen tremendous growth in our coder’s clinical knowledge, confidence and accuracy.  The resources Enjoin provides are extremely accessible and always accurate.  We are beyond thrilled to be working with such a client focused company.”
Vice President of HIM and Clinical Coding Services, North Carolina

“Dr. Huff and his team have been instrumental in helping us achieve very high-quality inpatient coding and DRG assignment, as well as improving clinical documentation, for more than 15 years. I am very confident in the performance and knowledge base of our inpatient coding and CDI staff thanks to the ongoing education provided by Enjoin.”
Coding and CDI Manager, Michigan

“Prior to using CDocT, our team was referencing information in our current CDI system. We found the information useful but difficult to locate due to having to go to different areas for information related to specific topics.  After participating in the onsite quality training provided by Enjoin, followed by the implementation of CDocT, our team has a better understanding of the importance of appropriately capturing diagnoses related to the PSI initiative. The ease of use with CDocT allows for it to be a tool used regularly by our CDI team when reviewing cases with potential PSI impacts, opportunities to improve ROM/SOI, and continued education around specific medical conditions experienced by our patient population.  CDocT is easy to use, organized neatly and a great reference point for a team with similar goals as ours.  Several members of our Quality and PSI team are also utilizing the reference as a supportive tool in identification.”
CDI Manager, North Carolina

“Enjoin’s methodology, support, and expertise toward the development of physicians to advise and support coding and clinical documentation is, in our opinion, national best practice.”
Physician Advisor, North Carolina