Our clinical coding analysts work directly with our board-certified physicians who are also credentialed documentation and coding specialists. By combining clinical insight with medical coding know-how, clients get the best of both worlds to drive revenue and clinical integrity.

  • Uncover missed documentation, coding, and query opportunities.
  • Promote coding accuracy to drive revenue integrity and mitigate financial risk.
  • Pinpoint educational opportunities for coders, CDI specialists, and physicians.
  • Ensure MS-DRG accuracy regardless of the impact on reimbursement.

Know Your Vulnerabilities, Tighten Your Review

We believe that vulnerabilities are opportunities for improvement. Our initial assessment includes 24 hour pre-bill reviews and provides an instrumental analysis to uncover:

  • Inaccurate ICD-10-CM diagnosis and ICD-10-PCS procedure codes
  • Incorrect MS-DRGs and/or an inaccurate CMI due to over- and under-coding
  • Missed opportunities to query for conditions suggested by clinical indicators (but not documented) as well as documented conditions that lack clinical validity
  • Lack of specific documentation that impact inclusions and exclusions for quality metrics

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