A powerful clinical documentation tool for value-based care

CDocT is a web-based quality resource tool that helps healthcare organizations achieve optimal performance across the continuum. Program modules support clinical documentation integrity (CDI) programs with the expansion of value-based reimbursement and quality measure initiatives. Developed by board-certified physicians and CDI experts CDocT supports a train-the-trainer approach to education for claims-based quality outcomes.

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Three ways CDocT elevates your CDI program to support quality measures related to value-based care:

Organizational Training
Training resources and case studies are used to train key providers and stakeholders throughout the organization on clinical documentation integrity concepts impactful to value based outcomes.

Timely Updates
Updates are provided as quality measures evolve and/or are refined.

Operationalize Learned Concepts
Quality measure checklists, links to measure specifications, ICD-10 code risk adjustment tables, weight graphs and key condition matrices support clinical documentation capture.

“CDI programs have become a top priority for healthcare’s bottom line. As more providers and health systems are evaluated on risk adjusted clinical outcomes, the need for careful and complete documentation of the full patient condition is vital to correctly assign patients to cohorts and accurately report observed over expected performance.”

–Garry L. Huff, M.D., CCS, CCDS, president and CEO of Enjoin

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